Dr. Jérémie Chiasson

Dr. Jérémie Chiasson

Audiologist, Partner
Shediac NB
343 rue Main Street
E4P 2B3
Toll Free

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A passion for helping others and making a positive difference is truly reflected in Jérémie Chiasson’s work. His clients often mention commuting more than one hour out of their way to visit him at his clinic; with a handful of them travelling all the way from the other side of the province.

Jérémie’s hard work and determination has paid off as he has already been named to the small team of owners of the Avenir Hearing Group at the young age of 25. This is very telling of Chiasson’s approach to professionalism and client satisfaction, which is echoed by the entire Avenir Hearing Group.

Jérémie’s athletic background and participation in team sports has served him greatly in many aspects of his audiology career, as he realizes the importance of team interaction. He truly understands that a hearing loss not only affects the hearing impaired individual, but also the surrounding cast of family and friends. Jérémie, as well as the Avenir Hearing Group, strongly believe that building a successful rehabilitation strategy hinges on getting all parties involved.  


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